Stolen Merchandise

The Stolen Jewellery data base of Jewellers Vigilance Canada provides a central clearinghouse for the jewellery and watch industry, law enforcement, insurance personnel and the public to share information on jewellery and watches that have been stolen or recovered in Canada.

The database contains a listing of stolen and recovered jewellery and watches reported to JVC. Law enforcement personnel can submit for listing any recovered or stolen merchandise. Members of the jewellery and watch industry or members of the public can submit to us a list of stolen jewellery or watches as long as they have filed a police report, and inform JVC of the agency with which the report was filed, including the date and the incident number.

Listed items are limited to jewellery, watches, diamonds and other precious gems. Items that are not identifiable or are of low value, and those that are not unique or lack distinguishing features, such as laser inscriptions, grading reports or serial numbers, may not be suitable for inclusion in the database. JVC will make a decision on each submission regarding whether the item should be included.

Email all information and pictures to

Jewellers Vigilance Canada is committed to maintaining the privacy of those who use and report information on stolen jewellery or watches through our service. The information reported to JVC will only be used to facilitate the investigation, identification and recovery of stolen merchandise, and will only be provided to those with a need to know, such as law enforcement personnel.

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