Crime Prevention Package

Jewellers Vigilance Canada (JVC) recognizes crime against jewellers is growing in Canada. Sixteen years ago JVC developed a crime prevention, resource protection and safety awareness program.

JVC Crime Prevention Package Includes:

1. Alerts on jewellery crime in Canada
2. Crime Prevention Manual 
3. Crime Prevention Bulletins on effective security procedures
4. Access to JVC's Security Library
6. Security supplier directory

Jewellery/Watch Industry
- Retailers/Jewellery Wholesalers/Manufacturers email subscribers $105.00 + HST per (store) location
- Retailers/Jewellery Wholesalers/Manufacturers non-email subscribers $120.00 + HST per (store) location
- Retail Chains $105.00 +HST per store to a maximum of $2200.00+HST

- Non Jeweller ALERTS ONLY $130.00 +HST (Per location)
- Supporter Member $550.00 + HST (Includes web site directory and link)
- Associate Member $1,600.00 + HST (Includes web site directory, link and company name on Alerts)

Payment can be made by Visa, MC or cheque.


Download Crime Prevention Package Membership Registration Form