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Jewellers Vigilance Canada Inc. (JVC) is a non-profit association to advance ethical practices and loss prevention within the jewellery industry. JVC works closely with all law enforcement agencies in Canada. JVC has built a Police Only jewellery crime web site which lists all jewellery crime reported to JVC. It is password protected and is for the use of law enforcement personnel only.

JVC would like to acknowledge our partnership with JewelersMutual (JM ) . JM is committed to help jewellers reduce their risk of loss and thereby protect people and protect assets. The banners below link directly to the Jewlers Mutual web site and to the new on-line security training course now available through the auspices of JVC.

JVC would like to acknowledge our partnership with Canada 's federal police force- the RCMP . Since 1996 JVC and the RCMP have worked together in partnership with a common goal of crime prevention.


Jewellers Vigilance Canada ( JVC ) would like to acknowledge Jewelers' Security Alliance (JSA) for their generous contribution of support, guidance and the laying of a foundation for our Crime Prevention Program.



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Diamond Heist: Gangs Targeting Salesmen

John J Kennedy, the president of the jeweler's security alliance in New York City, describes the Colombian gangs who are active around the world, including Canada, and who specialize in targeting traveling jewelry salesmen.


Montreal Theft

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