JVC Crime Prevention Package

Jewellers Vigilance Canada (JVC) recognizes crime against jewellers is growing in Canada. Sixteen years ago JVC developed a crime prevention, resource protection and safety awareness program.

JVC Crime Prevention Package Includes:

1. Alerts on jewellery crime in Canada
2. Crime Prevention Manual 
3. Crime Prevention Bulletins on effective security procedures
4. Access to JVC's Security Library
5. www.jewellerycrimecanada.ca
6. Security supplier directory

Jewellery/Watch Industry

  • Retailers/Jewellery Wholesalers/Manufacturers email subscribers $105.00 + HST per (store) location
  • Retailers/Jewellery Wholesalers/Manufacturers non-email subscribers $120.00 + HST per (store) location
  • Retail Chains $105.00 +HST per store to a maximum of $2200.00+HST


  • Non Jeweller ALERTS ONLY $130.00 +HST (Per location)
  • Supporter Member $550.00 + HST (Includes web site directory and link)
  • Associate Member $1,600.00 + HST (Includes web site directory, link and company name on Alerts)

Payment can be made by Visa, MC or cheque.


Download Crime Prevention Package Membership Registration Form


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