Jul 14, 2016
Bulletin 2016-2100

On July 14th 2016 a retail jewellery store located in Humboldt, Saskatchewan received an email from a "potential customer" requesting information, availability and retail cost of several gold chains with a total retail value of just under $10,000.00.

Store staff were alerted immediately to several red flags/warning signs:

- Customer stated he was from Texas, USA

- Customer insisted that the sale be conducted via email.  A phone number was provided, but after checking it out, store staff discovered the number was a land line that originated in New Jersey and when dialed, no one answered the phone.

- Customer provided two different Visa credit card numbers, insisted that the sale be divided up in increments of $1,000.00 and $2,000.00 on each card to "insure" that the sale was approved and done while he waited on email.

- Customer insisted that the jewellery be delivered via Fed Ex to an address in Texas, but when told that this could not done due to customs etc., he provided an address in Saskatoon.  This address did not appear to be legitimate.


The retail store followed all of the proper procedures and took all the necessary precautions.  Store staff did not complete the sale.  The two Visa cards were determined to be fraudulent cards out of Australia.

All retail stores are strongly advised to complete credit card sales only when the card holder is physically in the store, in front of you.



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