May 29, 2016
Bulletin 2016-2092


All subjects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

On Sunday, May 29 2016 a male subject entered a retail jewellery store located in Park Royal Centre, West Vancouver, BC at approximately 12:20pm.

The subject stated that he wanted to see diamond rings with "the best clarity and colour".  He also told the sales associates he had a significant amount of money to spend on the ring.  The subject was shown many different options by a sales associate .  The subject then asked to see a particular 1.5ct diamond ring from a showcase.  The subject managed to grab the ring when it was removed from the showcase and fled the store with it.

JVC does not have the particulars about this specific diamond ring, ie: laser markings or colour, clarity, etc.  However, the scenario as outlined above, should trigger caution for sales staff at all levels in the retail setting.

This incident was reported to West Vancouver Police, telephone # 604-925-7300,  File #16-5864.


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