Nov 24, 2015
Bulletin 2015-2019


                                 All subjects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Reference JVC Bulletin 2015-2011 - BC and Alberta

JVC received a report today (December 3 2015) from a JVC Crime Prevention Member that the subject shown above attempted to purchase a high end watch November 24th 2015 at a retail jewellery store located in Toronto, Ontario, using a credit card.  The store owner did some discreet checking on the card which prompted a "no sale".  The store also declined to accept her personal cheque.

To-date this subject has used several different names:  Liz Li, Man Li, Tina Li and most recently, Yu.

Judging from information received by JVC, this individual is obviously travelling throughout Canada.  All retail jewellers should be especially vigilant.



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