Break Enter Theft Toronto
Nov 19, 2017
Bulletin 2017-2305

During the early morning hours of November 19th 2017 a retail jewellery store on Bloor Steet was broken into, Thieves gained entry by smashing the front door


 Once inside they smashed a number of displays and stole the merchandise.  Fortunately the high end product had been remove and put into the safe.  The incident was reported to Toronto Police 52 Division and is being investigated by Det. Lim. If you have any information contact Det Lim at 416-808-5204.

JVC Recommends:

  1. Never leave merchandise out and visible overnight, regardless of value.Even if your insurance company permits you to leave goods out of your safe up to a certain value, nevertheless, put all your goods away so that none are visible from outside the store.

  2. If you do not have enough room in your main safe, consider buying a second, less expensive safe for your lower-end merchandise.

  3. Do not cover your cases with cloth or other material since this gives the impression that valuable merchandise is being concealed.

  4. Metal grating or gates, which can be rolled down each night, should be installed on the inside of your store windows and doors.Alarms will sound when the glass is broken before criminals even reach the gates.Metal gates inside the doors and windows discourage three-minute break-ins because of the extra time required to cut through them. For more detailed recommendations visit JVC Crime Webpage under guidelines.


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