Theft in Toronto
Aug 15, 2017
Bulletin 2017-2255


On August 15th2017 an exhibitor was leaving the CJ Expo trade show in Toronto.  He carried his suitcase out of the hotel to his car. He then drove to a nearby restaurant. While he was in the restaurant, party’s unknown broke his car window and removed his suitcase.

Fortunately, the suitcase did not contain his line of jewellery. The exhibitor wisely was having his line shipped by armoured car.  His loss was restricted to his suitcase and personal belongings. No jewellery.

JVC recommends: Exhibitors attending jewellery trade shows are prime targets of South American theft and robbery gangs, who travel to all major jewellery shows.  Exhibitors should assume that they are targets of these criminals, and should follow extreme caution, especially during their departure from a show.

Exhibitors must also follow certain rules or they risk injury and the loss of their merchandise.  Keep in mind that virtually all show-connected losses could be prevented by shipping directly into and out of the show location.

  1. Keep your line in the show vault at the show site or convention center during the stay at a trade show, rather than put it in a hotel vault, even for one night.

  2. It is very dangerous to have informal jewellery shows in hotel rooms, and to conduct jewellery business there.All exhibitors should show jewellery only on the floor of the main show site or convention center, for their own safety, the safety of their customers, and the protection of their line.

  3. When leaving a show, all exhibitors should ship their lines with an armoured courier service.Even if an exhibitor has a sales call in another town after the show, it is far better to ship your line by armoured courier to the next city you will be visiting, rather than to carry it.Do not put your customers at risk either: ship all goods to your buyers, and never deliver goods to them at the show, which in many cases is also forbidden by show rules.Even after shipping, carrying bags or cases that could be mistaken for your line still makes a jeweller a target.

    There are more shows coming up. BE CAREFUL.


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